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When it comes to safe and affordable pest control, central Kansas residents and business owners trust World Pest Control to deliver the best pest control services for the least amount of money. Our exterminators are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. As a family owned business, we value and respect the trust our customers give us and will continue to do so into the future. Call us for all your pest control needs. 

Our Specialties

We specialize in the latest and greatest in integrated pest management, from treatments for bed bugs or termites to bat removal and seal-ups. The pest control industry is constantly evolving, and we're leading the way.

Bed Bugs

Have bedbugs? Never fear, we can help! We offer bed bug treatments that will work for you.


Environmentally Responsible Treatments with the Sentricon Colony Elimination System.

Seal-Ups (Bats)

Bat exclusion is conducted by installing one-way devices that allow the bats to exit, but prevents them from re-entry.

Our Exterminators Have Been Protecting Homes & Businesses For Generations

From residential to commercial pest control, we specialize in taking care of what's bugging you.

Termite treatment & protection

Wherever you live in Kansas, they say it's not a matter of if you'll get termites, it's a matter of when. Don't wait until it's too late. 

Out exterminator can help you identify whether or not your home has a termite problem. We'll give you all the options for appropriate treatment so you can make an informed decision. All our pest control techs are experts in the latest technology available related to safe, effective termite treatment. Plus, our exterminator always provide the most affordable termite treatment available.

Once your home is safely treated for termites, we'll help you decide the best termite protection from there.  


They say roaches can survive a nuclear war. While they can be tough to kill with DIY pest control options, we have effective roach treatment that is pet safe. We'll help you win the war against roaches.

No matter how clean your home or office is, seeing a roach always makes you feel "icky". The truth is, roaches want a clean, safe place to live as much as we do. Let our exterminator help you get that pest free feeling again. Call us today.

Mosquito control

As the weather gets warmer, we'll all want to get outside and enjoy our yards again. That's exactly the same time the mosquitoes come out to play as well. If you're ready for an effective mosquito control, call us. We have a mosquito spray that will let you claim your yard again.

With our mosquito control, we spray your yard instead of you needing to spray your family. Our yard treatment keeps your yard mosquito free for more than 20 days. It's a perfect solution for outdoor weddings, backyard cookouts or just getting together with loved ones without having to coat everyone in bug spray or fire up candles that don't seem to work. Call is for our mosquito control today.

Green Pest Control

The problem with most green pest control options is they don't work. Certain pests quickly build up an immunity to them. Out exterminator only use chemicals and sprays that are safe, non-toxic to pets and humans of all ages.

Let us help you create a pest free home or office in Salina. Call today.

Rodents & Mice

No matter how big your home or office is, there's just no room for rodents. Let our exterminator help you identify the right course of action for your property after a thorough inspection. We'll find a pest control solution that fits your budget as well as gets rid of your uninvited guests. Don't let your rodent problem get any worse. Call today.

Bat (Seal Ups)

Got bats? Let us help you get rid of them! We offer a bat seal up process that can keep these disease carrying pests contained. Don't let the bats bother you. We'll take care of the problem for you. Let's get started today.

Our Service Areas

We provide expert pest control services all around central Kansas. Besides our happy customers in Salina, our exterminators help customers in Concordia, Clay Center, Ellsworth, Lindsborg, Abilene, Junction City, Manhattan, McPherson, Marion, Hesston, Newton, Wichita and more. If you don't see your location listed, don't hesitate to call us. We're always willing to help. Click here to learn more about pest control in Concordia.

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