Bumble Bees

Bumble bees make up a well-known group of medium sized to large, stout-bodied, hairy insects which are generally black and gray, variously tinged with yellow, orange, or red. These are long-tongued bees that nest in colonies. These bees nest in old nests of field mice, in holes in the ground, stumps and similar places.

Honey Bees

The honey bee is so well known that its description is hardly necessary. The first honey bees introduced from Europe were black German bees. The common Kansas variety of honey bee is the Italian, which is a yellow and brown bee.


Scorpions live under stones on sunny hillsides. They hunt insects at night, subduing them with a stinger located at the end of their long, jointed tail. Scorpions in Kansas are not deadly; their sting is much like that of a bee. Baby scorpions ride on their mother’s back for a length of time before going out on their own.


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